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Binance Customer Service, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support, Login

Binance Customer Service, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support, Login, Complaints- Binance is a Bitcoin exchange Company which stands for “Binary” and “Finance”. This is a pure cryptocurrency exchange, meaning we do not deal with fiat currencies. Binance is a world-class Crypto Exchange Company. This is having Multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture and capable of processing 1,400,000 orders / second, abundant resources and partners. This covered all the devices that Support Web, Android, Html5, Wechat, PC and also support Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean languages.


  • Company Name: Binance
  • Type: Private
  • Industry: Bitcoin Exchange


FACEBOOK: @binanceexchange

This is the Official Page on FACEBOOK of BINANCE and he has assembled more than 13.9K Likes. They have updated their videos and Photos on this Page. If you want to Connect with them then click the above link.

TWITTER: @binance

They have joined TWITTER in 2017 where they have posted their videos and Photos on this account. Currently, they have acquired more than 51.5K Followers. If you want to Connect with them then you can use the above link.

LINKEDIN: @Channel

They have also created a business- and employment-oriented social networking account on linkdIn in which they have assembled more over 286 Followers. To follow them click on the above given Link.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: @binance.com

EMAIL: market@binance.com

LOGIN: @login

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22 Comment

  1. I accidentally deleted my google authenticator key for Binance account and I’m trying to reach them through their website by creating a ticket and have not heard anything back. They only send a automated response right after submitting the ticket and nothing else. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If you have an account on Binance never ever forget or delete your two factor authentication key otherwise you will be scrwd.

    1. bro the same shit happened to me. someone else deleted the app on my phone what the fuck do i do now? i have big bucks in there and i want that shit back. my email is Astralplane19@gmail.com send me an email with any possible solutions to my dilema i feel as though i am officially fucked

      1. Same thing happened to us. “customer service” from Binance contacted us and hacked into our account and took all of our money. Be very careful!!! Its a scam. We are pissed and there is NOTHING we can do now!!!! You cannot even get ahold of anyone from Binance.

    2. I’m having a same issue.. I switched my phone. I have been trying to reach out to them but no luck. I even sent them the 3 authentication required documents. All I get is thw automated reply. Please help

      1. Be careful….there are hackers who took our money out of our account. They pretend to be Binance customer support.

    3. I have same issue!! did they ever got back with you? i have submitted a ticket but haven’t heard anything back yet.

  2. Has anyone had any success with getting back into their account or do we have a customer service number we can call to have them help us ? It is a pretty simple request you would think..

  3. Be VERY careful with this company. I would not trust it. There are hackers and they took all the money out of our account.

  4. same has happened to me. anyone know of what to do? my phone was damaged so i replaced it. I can not get in my account. I sent the 3 pictures like they asked and have not gotten anywhere. if anyone has any info please respond.

  5. i made an order of 645 trx last night and its been a while now and i still haven’t recieved it.. i can see it on my “open order tab” but its 0% filled which is concerning me because i made that order before tron was surging like it is right now.

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