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AT&T Mexico Customer Care, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support

AT&T Mexico (Customer Care, Toll-Free Helpline Phone Number, Office Address)-

IUSACELL and NEXTEL MEXICO is now renamed as AT&T Mexico. In November 2014, these two companies are merged and formed a new company named AT&T Mexico. It is a cell phone administrator in Mexico and the headquarter of this company in Mexico City.


AT&T Mexico has a presence in 70% of Mexico, serving 8% of the Mexican remote business sector toward the end of 2014. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is F. Thaddeus Arroyo. 

If you have any complaint or queries regarding the service of this company than you can contact them via the following Contact and Complaint information.



  • For AT&T: *611 (toll-free)
  • From Mexico City: 1018 3333
  • Interior of the Republic: 01 800 200 9333 or 01 800 333 0611
  • For Mexico: 01 800 0 639 835
  • From U.S.A: 1 8553 277 717
  • Email id: Rm-mx.atencionaclientes@mx.att.com


  • From Mexico City: 1018 3300
  • Interior of the Republic: 01 800 200 9300
  • Write To: mx.atc.infoventas@mx.att.com

FOR MORE DETAILS: If anyone wants to get more contact information then they can visit this link which is given below-

Link: @contacto


They have a page on Facebook in which they get more than 2.0M likes. If you want to like the page then you can visit the given link.

They have an account on Twitter in which they have earned 320K followers. They joined this page in February 2009. If anyone wants to follow them then you can visit the given link.

They have an account on Instagram in which they have gained 11.9K followers. If anyone wants to follow them then you can visit the given link.

They have an official channel page on YouTube in which they have earned 56K Subscribers. If you want to watch a video of ATT then you can visit this link.

They have an account on GOOGLE+ also in which they have no. of followers are 334K. If you want to follow them then you can visit this link.

They have an account on LinkedIn in which they have accumulated more than 20K followers. If anyone wants to get updates then they can visit this link.

We hope that your problem got resolved after contacting them.

If, in case your problem is unresolved than you can comment below and let the authority know from this platform.

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1 Comment

  1. My wife and I bought two Motorolla G7 cell phones at Walmart in Guaymas MX. And took them to the AT&T store next door and they unlocked the phone and put in an international chip, but unfortunately they gave us two phone numbers. One with a Guaymas prefix and the other with a Hermasillo prefix which we definitely want changed to a Guaymas prefix for both phones. We paid $120 US for each chip which they said under a promotion we were getting 5 months free on a 12 month contract.
    We are in the States and went into an AT&T store in San Diego because we were not getting emails unless we were connected to WIfi so we were showing there were days that we were getting emails but they were not showing up in our inbox. The AT&T representative told us that we needed to go back to AT&T and tell them that we were not getting data which is necessary to get our emails in real time. This is absolutely necessary as I get STOCK OPTION ALERTS through my subscription service and THE ALERTS are sent out in real time and I need to act on them as soon as I receive them and waiting until I can get a wifi connection is not acceptable and I need the DATA to be able to get an ALERT to make me aware when I receive a new ALERT in my inbox.
    Because I do not speak Spanish I think there is a communication barrier.
    We are coming back to Guaymas Mexico in a week and we would very much appreciate it if you would make your AT&T office or store in Guaymas aware of our problem so when we come in we can resolve these issues?
    Robert & Ruth Raasveld

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