Gemini Exchange Customer Service, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support, Login

Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Customer Service, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support, Login, Review – GEMINI BITCOIN is a famous cryptocurrency exchange company which exchanges cryptocurrency into other digital currencies. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City, New York, United States. The primary object of Gemini is to remove technical barriers between customers and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Gemini doesn’t require an email confirmation, all transactions can stay anonymous. It is held to the highest level of fiduciary obligations, capital reserve requirements, and banking compliance standards. They are providing all contact details like Email addresses, phone numbers etc. We are providing you the list of that contact details and also links to their social websites accounts or pages.




Company Name: Gemini Bitcoin

Founded In: 2014

Headquarters: New York, NY

Type: Private

No. of Employees: 11-50




One State Street, New York,

NY 10004-1511

Phone Number:

+1 (212) 709-1540

LOGIN: @signin



FOR MORE DETAILS: If anyone wants to get more contact information then they can visit this link which is given below-



FACEBOOK: @GeminiDotCom

They have a page on Facebook in which they gained more than 2.6K likes. If you want to like the page then you can visit the given link.

TWITTER: @GeminiDotCom

They have an account on Twitter in which they earned 19.4K followers. They joined this page in October 2014. If anyone wants to follow them then you can visit the given link.

GOOGLE+: @+GeminiDotCom

They have an account on GOOGLE+ also in which they gained 319 followers only. If you want to follow them then you can visit this link. 

LINKEDIN: @gemini-com

They have an account on LinkedIn also in which they earned 1.1K followers. If you want to follow them then you can visit this link.


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6 thoughts on “Gemini Exchange Customer Service, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support, Login”

  1. I’ve been trying to make a purchase on gemini for weeks now. Each time i do it tells me my password is incorrect. I know it’s the correct password but never the less i click on the forgot my password button to reset. It then asks me for my Authy number which i did 7 times in a row and still came back to the same input authy number webpage. So i contacted gemini customer service thru email only to be told to click the forgot my password button… I’ve connected them again to let them know this suggestion doesn’t work… I’ve done that 4 times now and each time gemini has sent me the same computer generated click forgot password response… Its clear that there’s no real customer support at gemini or they are not capable of helping me with a simple password request. If gemini can’t even do this basic thing how am i to expect them to do anything more complex… like manage money… I would avoid this Gemini company like the plague. Their incompetence speaks volumes and their inability to read basic English make them incapable of doing basic business.

  2. I was told to only wire, money to make my account able to trade. I have done the one time wire, followed all directions and nothing showed up in the account.

    It is taken from my bank, i followed EVERY step, and now i can not access those funds, or the funds in my Gemini account. please assist. I have filed support tickets and called and left messages.

  3. I have tried numerous times to transfer my digital assets from Gemini to no avail. I have sent email after email and no answer to my issue. When I attemp to transfer I have gone thru the process and I end up with an error message. I need assistance. Thank you, please call me asap. 310 770 8742


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