Charm Kitty Cafe Baltimore’s Store, Addresses, Contact Phone Number Details

Charm Kitty Cafe Baltimore’s Store, Addresses, Contact Phone Number Details- The Charm kitty cafe is a special cafe that is being designed keeping in mind those people who love cats. In this Cafe, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the company of cats. Apart from the cats’ people will also find cat toys, books for reading, and board games in charm kitty café, so they can easily relax here and have some peace of mind in the company of cats.

Charm Kitty Cafe


Though there will cat all around the cafe, but they will make sure that the beverages are prepared in a separate room. The charm kitty cafe is partners with the Baltimore Humane society and Zeke’s coffee.

So, the being partners with Baltimore humane society, the charm kitty cafe is also a sponsor home for these cats, that means that if you want you can adopt a cat from this cafe.

You can also find a free parking space near the cafe.

The unique feature about the charm kitty cafe is that during weekdays it will remain open for full twenty- four hours. The reason behind is time limit problems for the students and working people, so keeping that in mind the charm kitty cafe has made a special arrangement for them under coworking membership.

If you also want to become a member of coworking membership in this cafe, then please visit the below-mentioned website.

Apart from being used as a coffee cafe, charm kitty café will also be used for movie nights and throwing private parties.

The charm kitty café is expected to open it’s doors for public in late 2017.


You can contribute to the opening and renovation of the charm kitty cafe by donating some money and in return, you will even getting exciting rewards from them.

•    Donate up to $ 25 and become the first one to attend the yoga classes along with the cats for about one and half hours.

•    Donate up to $ 20 and you will become the owner of a limited edition mug of charm kitty café.

•    Donate up to $500 and you can enjoy a private party with your friends in the weeknights at the charm kitty cafe for two hours.



In order to make a pledge and get further information, visit the official website- Kickstarter


 3300 clipper mill Rd.

 Baltimore, Maryland, United states, 21211.            

Official Website- 

 Comment below if you want to know anything more about Charm Kitty Cafe. 

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