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Pinger Customer service Phone number, Office Address, Toll-Free, Social profiles, Email- Pinger is a Communication company which gives the facilities of Textfree, is a proprietary, cross-platform texting and calling application for smartphones. This company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. They have been building apps that help people communicate in new and surprisingly simple ways since 2005. They make apps for Android, iOS and Windows mobile phones as well as tablets and even the web that have been used by well over 100 million people around the world billions of times a month.

Some Facilities:

  1. Sideline and Textfree, are free, so download them today and share with a friend!
  2. Sideline is a 2nd number for your personal smartphone. It’s the free phone solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone who needs a 2nd phone line. Now you can keep work and personal life on separate numbers, not separate phones.
  3. Textfree allows you to texts and calls for free without a carrier plan. Now it’s easier than ever to text or talk for free with pretty much anyone on the planet.



 97 South 2nd Street San Jose,

CA95113, United States


FOR JOBS: @jobs

FOR ANY QUERY: @support


TWITTER: @pinger

This Company has their Twitter account where they always update their latest information about their new offers. You can tweet them at @pinger and also follow them. Currently, they have 16.8K followers.

INSTAGRAM: @pinger

They run their Instagram account where they have over 117 followers who always follow them. If you want to follow them then visit the above link.

FACEBOOK: @pinger

Facebook is an another way to contact them. You can follow them and you can also write your views on their timeline. If you want to like their page then visit their page via the above link.

GOOGLE+: @Channel

They have their Google+ account where they have engaged more than 3.5K followers. You can also follow them by using the above link.

LINKEDIN: @pinger

You can get their information from their LinkedIn account. If You want to follow them then visit the above link. Right Now, They have more than 3.1K followers.


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